What is DFI Signal?

DFI Signal is a Telegram bot, which informs you on specific events. For now, it informs you on new minted blocks of your masternode and calculated statistics of your nodes (command /stats). You get notifications on state changes (like change from PRE_ENABLED to ENABLED or from ENABLED to PRE_RESIGNED), too.

How to use this bot?

After starting the bot, you can choose if you like to setup your masternode manually by entering the owner address (command /link_mn <OWNER_ADDRESS>) or if you'd like to sync your masternodes from Masternode Monitor (start it later with the command /sync).

If you want to see, which masternodes are linked with the bot, use the command /list.

For more detailled statistics of your nodes, use the command /stats.

All other commands are available inside telegram when typing / or on the startpage.

Does this service affect my masternode?

No! - This service is using public APIs (see below) to send you signals or generates the statistics.
At no time your funds are touched.

What's about privacy?

The website and the application does no tracking - your usage is completly in your own hands!

As far as I support decentralized services, this service needs to store a couple of data in a database to get to work.

These are:

  • your telegram id
  • your masternode's owner address
  • minted blocks by your masternode's

All notifications and calculations are based on these data, the usage of public, read-only APIs and some fancy magic. Neither your masternode nor anything else can be changed by using these APIs.
Used APIs are:

  • https://api.DeFiChain.io/v1/
  • https://mainnet-api.DeFiChain.io/api/DFI/mainnet/
  • http://api.mydeficha.in

On top, it's optionally using the sync service provided by Masternode Monitor to read your linked masternodes:

  • https://sync.DeFichain-masternode-monitor.com (optional for masternode sync)

DFI Signal supports the DefiChain Masternode Health Service, provided under:

  • https://defichain-masternode-health.com

The usage of this service is optionally. It gives a deep inpact to your server and provides a new command (/masternode_health) to see the current CPU avg load, RAM & memory usage, connected peer count, current block & hash, ... To see the full list of currently supported information take a look at the DeFiChain Masternode Health documentation .

This service is hosted in Germany and all communication is SSL-encrypted with a certificate by Let's Encrypt.

I'd love to stop using this service - howto?

If you'd like to stop the bot and remove all (!) data, which is connected to your telegram id, enter the command /reset.
All data will be removed immediately without the possibility to restore it.

Some details about the dev

My name is Adrian and I'm based in the south of Germany. I'm a professional web developer since 2006.

I'm in crypto since a couple of years and right now I'm running my own DFI masternode. That's the reason why I created this bot:
I wanted to get informed after my node minted a new block.

If you'd like to talk with me, send me feedback or if you'd like to see a new feature, send me a PM on Telegram.